“The laws of physics is the canvas God laid down on which to paint his masterpiece.”


– Dan Brown

Welcome to the Department of physics at The Elegant Arts and Science College. Physics has been in the Elegant curriculum since 2015 when the college began its journey. The department engages 4 members in the faculty and about 66 undergraduate students and we currently enrol about 25-30 new physics concentrators each year. The faculty at Elegant are committed to quality in both teaching and interacting with students, taking all aspects of undergraduate education seriously. You will find in our labs and classrooms a lively mix of teachers and undergraduates all working together with a common love of physics. Apart from concentrating on the syllabus and lectures ,we work together to satisfy our students’ basic curiosity about the nature of the universe , to motivate them to investigate and learn, to appreciate and expand their drive to understand the subject that rules nature and technology. We focus on inculcating among them the knowledge and skills that constitutes a physicists unique approach in solving problems they will encounter in their academic and non-academic careers. So, worry not if you are a beginner with curiosity; The Elegant physics will help you grow up from the ground!!!

About the Course

B. Sc. Physics is a 3 year graduation programme with six semesters that follows the syllabus designed by University of Calicut under Choice Based Credit and Semester System (CBCSS) for undergraduate curriculum. Along with the core subject physics the course also includes common English, a second language and Chemistry and Mathematics as complementary subject papers for the 4 semesters and two practical works for physics and chemistry. The 5 th and 6 th semesters are solely concentrated on different fields in physics including Quantum mechanics, Optics, Astrophysics, Computational physics , electronics etc. with a general and an electronics lab paper , and an academic project and an Industrial visit. The complementary physics paper for non- major students includes the qualitative study in the field of mechanics, electronics, nuclear physics and electrostatics. The detailed syllabus of the course is available on the official website of university of Calicut.


Delivering a good quality education in the field of physics and excel in imparting scientific knowledge; instil among students the spirit of intellectual adventure, promoting enthusiasm, expand the frontiers of their knowledge and the concern for fellow creatures and everything in this universe.


  • To kindle the young minds and unlock their talents both in theory and practical physics through quality lectures, commitment to students and good instructional methods.
  • Develop a broad, deep and rigorous knowledge of the problems that rule the natural world and cultivate in them a scientific temper and sense of social responsibility.
  • To inculcate among students the grandeur of the subject of physics, its connection with other disciplines and its boundless potential to enrich human lives.
  • To support the developmental activities of college and make the department vibrant by introducing programs that embrace the values of the institution.
  • To prepare graduates with high levels of efficiency and capability to be fit in the research activities.
  • To provide exciting learning opportunities for non-physics and non-science majors that deliver basic understanding of physics.

Sreelakshmi B

M.Sc. (HOD)

Udaya T


Arsha M



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