Clubs and Cells

Entrepreneurship Development Club

1.To inculcate entrepreneurship qualities, and to develop awareness among students of the attitudes, values and skills of successful entrepreneurs around the globe. 2.To provide students with the basic skills and knowledge in running a business. 3.To nurture confident and responsible entrepreneurs in running their own business.

Business Club

1. To orient the students to the practical aspects of business management. 2. Active interaction of the students, opportunities to learn something new. 3. Meet and communicate with industry leaders and corporates 4. To provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills.

Energy Club

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Scince Club

Science Club is one of the better platform for our students to realize their scientific skills, knowledge and fulfill their quest in doing science activities for which they don't get opportunities within the curriculum framework.Science clubs will create a scientific thinking process among students and also to develop a scientific and rational attitude.A focus on long term, academically-focused activities among the students create valuable content and informations.

Litrerary Club

To provide opportunities for students to express their literary talents ( Creative writings, Magazine publishing, Quiz competitions, Speech contests, short video making , drawings and paintings related to literature , Book Review sessions and all other innovative ideas from students will be considered) and thereby uplifting them.


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